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Back Injury Claims

Back injury claims are common because it's so easy to damage the complex and fragile structure of your back and spine in almost any kind of accident or while carrying out your normal work tasks. With some back injuries, there can often be a delay between the accident and the onset of severe symptoms. In terms of making a successful back injury compensation claim, spinal surgeons reckon that in cases of disc prolapse for example, provided that delay is no longer than three weeks, the connection is obvious.

There is a difference between an immediate accidental back injury and a gradual onset that may very well be caused by repetitive lifting at work. If the problem develops over time, the back could be in an ‘incipient state of collapse’ where it just takes a minor incident for it to break down completely. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 give guidelines on the maximum safe weight that should be manually lifted. It is not illegal to lift heavier weights than those suggested, but your employer must show that adequate steps were taken and training given to minimise the risk of injury.

You should always visit your GP as soon as you've suffered any back injury. Seeing your GP early will assist your claim in that there'll be early independent confirmation of your injuries and its cause. All this can help us when we're building up the evidence to support your back injury claim. A medical report is also important to answer the question of any pre-existing conditions. Most adults have some degree of degenerative change in their back and spine simply as a result of the ageing process. Accidents can speed up those natural changes, but the extent of any pre-existing condition may affect your claim.

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