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Car Accident Claims

Considering the average number of trips a person makes and the distance travelled by car, road transport is (statistically at least) relatively safe for most of us. However, despite improved safety features and measures like the compulsory wearing of seat belts, if you are involved in a car accident the chances of being hurt in some way remain high. Accidents can occur in a split second and the consequences can be serious (sometimes fatal) and life-long.

Whether you were the driver or the passenger in a car, a pillion passenger on a motorbike or a pedestrian injured by a vehicle you may be entitled to claim compensation. That’s true even if the person responsible for causing your injury is a family member. Remember, it isn’t the family member that will have to pay the compensation, it is their insurers. Making a car accident compensation claim needn’t be a difficult. Like any other personal injury claim it’s important to make sure you have evidence to support your claim. You won’t necessarily be ineligible to make a compensation claim even if you were partly responsible for the accident.

Decades of safety improvements mean that the majority of car accidents don’t often result in major or fatal injuries, but the repercussions are often far more serious with motorcycle accident claims. (Link to dedicated page) Rider and pillion passenger are much more exposed and in greater danger than car drivers or passengers. Serious injuries such as broken legs, fractured arms, facial lacerations and spinal damage are common in motorbike accidents and these require lengthy medical treatment before the victim recovers. Getting compensation in these cases can take much longer, but to help you along the way it is possible to get interim payments.

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