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Head & Facial Injury Claims

One of the most serious injuries anyone can sustain is to the head and face. At the very least, facial disfigurement or scarring resulting from an accident that wasn’t your fault can have a huge psychological as well as physical impact. Some surveys suggest that 70% of people who suffer a facial injury do not make a compensation claim because they think the process is too complicated or their injury may be considered too trivial.

In the worst cases traumatic brain injuries (resulting from a blow) and open head injuries (where something penetrates the skull into the brain) can have life-long implications. The most crucial consideration in any head injury claim is to get enough compensation to pay for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation to help you recover as quickly as possible and return your life to normal. If you or someone you know has suffered from a head or facial injury in an accident that wasn’t their fault, we can help.

We have a strong team of experienced lawyers who understand the sweeping changes injuries to the head and face can bring and will work closely with medical experts and rehabilitation providers to make sure support is provided as quickly as possible to promote your recovery. We can help you with all the legal aspects in making a claim, assist in getting the correct medical treatments and advise you on how to protect and keep state benefits you are entitled to once you receive your compensation award.

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