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How much compensation to expect

Despite the "compensation calculators" you see on some websites, it's very difficult to give a figure of exactly how much compensation to expect because every claim is different and unique to your situation. Two claims that look very similar could get completely different award amounts. However much it is, your claim will consist of two elements: compensation for your injuries and compensation for any financial losses you've suffered or will suffer in the future as a consequence of those injuries.

You'll be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered based on factors like the severity of the injury and whether it's going to affect you long-term, how much it's ruined your normal life including your hobbies and leisure pursuits.

Compensation for financial losses can cover ‘property damage' such as the damage to a car or personal clothing but will also include things like the cost of medical treatment or special aids you need, travelling and parking expenses to various doctors' or hospital appointments, loss of earnings if you're forced off work and care and assistance if you have to get someone in to help out around the house. In more serious cases, it may be that you will never be able to get back into full time work, so we'd calculate your future loss of earnings and include that amount in your compensation claim along with any other losses you may incur in the future.

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